Be Sure releases have been broadly supported over the last past years. Here are some screenshots of that.

BESURE019 on Clubbing Spain
BESURE018 on Monument
BESURE018 on NovaFuture
Absorbed set on Youtube
BESURE012 by Fabio Florido
BESURE012 on by Inigo Kennedy
BESURE011 in Update magazine
BESURE008 in Update magazine
BESURE008 by Larsson
BESURE008 on Clubbing Spain
BESURE006 by Farceb
BESURE006 on Altroverso
BESURE005 by Richie Hawtin
BESURE005 by Dimi Angelis
BESURE005 by Samuli Kemppi
BESURE005 on Altroverso
BESURE003 on Beat
BESURE003 in Update magazine
BESURE003 by Inigo Kennedy
BESURE003 by Regen
BESURE003 on Ohm
BESURE002 by Keith Carnal
BESURE001 by Inigo Kennedy