Audiovisual works of Below Surface

Download the full audio file in original wave or compressed mp3 quality (download buttons are above the video window). Tracklist:

01. Below Surface - Absorbed Intro (unreleased)
02. Below Surface - Space Explorer (Be Sure)
03. Absorbed - Be Pure (Be Sure)
04. Below Surface - Be Sure (Be Sure)
05. Florian Bo - Keep the Pressure (Below Surface Remix) (Underdub Records)
06. Below Surface - On the Run (Be Sure)
07. Below Surface - Immersed Spheres (Be Sure)
08. Below Surface - 215 (Be Sure)
09. Below Surface & Tension - Intrusion (Be Sure)
10. Below Surface - A Part Apart (Be Sure)
11. Below Surface - Sometimes (Be Sure)
12. Below Surface - Lost in a Subway (Be Sure)
13. Below Surface - Surreal Perception (Be Sure)
14. Below Surface - Crazed Again (Be Sure)

Incredible night. All tracks are written by Below Surface and played via Ableton LIVE. Tracklist:

01. Absorbed - Introduction (Be Sure)
02. Absorbed - Be Pure (Be Sure)
03. Tension - EVP (Below Surface Remix) (Unreleased)
04. Absorbed - Steregroove (Be Sure)
05. Absorbed & Tension - Bodymove (Be Sure)
06. Absorbed - Independend Robot (Be Sure)
07. Below Surface - Expanding Metropolis (Be Sure)
08. Absorbed - In Chaos (Be Sure)
09. Absorbed - Intrude (Be Sure)
10. Absorbed - Interstice (Be Sure)
11. Below Surface - Tragic (Be Sure)
12. Below Surface - Can´t Stup The Dub (NextWeekRecords)
13. Below Surface - Driving (Be Sure)
14. Mathew Jonson - Marionette (Below Surface Edit)
15. Absorbed - Endtrack (Be Sure)

Good Fun in China. All tracks are written by Below Surface and played via Ableton LIVE. Tracklist:

01. Below Surface - Intro (Unreleased)
02. Absorbed - Be Pure (Be Sure)
03. Absorbed - Stereogroove (Be Sure)
04. Absorbed - Interstice (Be Sure)
05. Below Surface - Immersed in Spheres (Be Sure)
06. Below Surface - Expanding Metropolis (Be Sure)
07. Absorbed & Tension - Bodymove (Be Sure)
08. Below Surface - Splitting Off (Tekseven)
09. Below Surface - Can´t Stup the Dub (Next Week Records)
10. Below Surface - Driving (Be Sure)
11. Absorbed - 215 (Be Sure)
12. Mathew Jonson - Marionette (Below Surface Edit)
13. Absorbed - Endtrack (Be Sure)

Shanghai 2013 Aftermovie. Six beautiful weeks full of djing, meeting friends, partying, driving the scooter and chilling at the pool. It was already my fourth time in the city and i played eight gigs in clubs like Arkham, Amber, Shiva, Logo, Lune and Udance Radio. Most people say they love Shanghai. For me it´s not that easy, i more feel about Shanghai very ambivalent. When you´re there u either love it or you wanna leave and go to a more healthy and less bitchy place. Same goes for when you out of town, first you love the silence and clean air (depends on where you go), but after a short time you wanna go back so bad that you would sell your grandmothers television just to get a ticket back to this crazy city. Some people call me Shanghai-addicted, they are right - and this is why i will move over to china in 2014 finally! Enjoy 45 minutes of my experiences there, sadly most gigs couldn´t be captured because of to dark venues, maybe i´m gonna ask the managers to switch on the lights next time. Tracklist:

01. Dave DK - Nakai Pop (Ambient Version)
02. Delano Smith - The Exploration (Original Mix)
03. Lee Jones - Moment (George FitzGerald Remix)
04. Delano Smith - Dees Gruv (Original Mix)
05. Popof feat. Arno Joey - Hangover (Original Mix)
06. Map.Ache - Carnival (Original Mix)
07. Jichael Mackson - Gedons (Original Mix)
08. Marshall Jefferson vs. Noosa Heads - Mushrooms (Justin Martin Remix)
09. Matador - Korrado (Original Mix)
10. Dax J - New Beginnings (Original Mix)
11. DJ Koze - Burn With Me (Original Mix)