Contact Be Sure

Note: You will get a reply within a week (or quicker). Inapropriate request will not be answered. Please do not share more personal information than necessary. Note that submitted personal information will be stored according the way you contact us. If you write via facebook or soundcloud private message, your message will be stored there. If you write us an email, we will store it on our webserver. If you want your information to be deleted, please just contact us again. Please also see our Impressium and Datenschutz information (links at the bottom of this page).

Contact Way 1: Email to: contact /at/ besurelabel /dot/ de
Contact Way 2: Private Message on Soundcloud: Click here

Demos for Be Sure

Be Sure is open to new artists. If you want to send demo tracks to us, please upload the tracks on Soundcloud and send a private link via the above mentioned options. We are looking forward to hear from you!

Sounds for Be Sure should be:
- Techno (deep, dub, peaktime) or Ambient (we love ambient)
- Not containing any copyrighted material such as vocals from TV shows or movies
- Fitting into the catalogue
- Not following current trends too much
- Have an exciting arrangement, so it can be enjoyed not only in the club but also at home listening

Releasing on Be Sure often isn't an easy operation. For the final decission we will do a mix and master of your track(s). We have a very clear vision of how the sound should be. The process for an EP may take several weeks to months with constant feedback between you and us. The goal is to create a quality release together, that meets the industry standards and beyond.